PECS 2018

Physics of Estuaries and Coastal Seas Meeting 2018, Galveston, TX

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Note on poster sessions:

Posters will be up in two sessions: Monday-Tuesday and Wednesday-Thursday. Be sure to attend your poster during your allotted time.

Poster board dimensions are 32” wide by 64” tall (about 0.8 x 1.6 meters).

Conference Schedule

Sunday 14-Oct

18:00 Icebreaker

Monday 15-Oct

Estuarine exchange

8:30 Hans Burchard (IOW) Bulk quantications of estuarine mixing

8:45 Lauren Ross (U Maine) Subtidal flows driven by tidal asymmetries and modulated by sharp bathymetric features at the mouth of a macrotidal estuary

9:00 Marvin Lorenz (IOW) Variability of the exchange flow of the Persian Gulf

9:15 Rachel Chambers (U Maine) Lateral Variability of Subtidal Flow at the Mouth of a Macrotidal Estuary

9:30 Elizabeth Brasseale (UW) Estuarine exchange flow beyond the estuarine channel in an idealized model

9:45 Coffee + posters

Estuaries and fjords

11:00 Parker MacCready (Univ. Washington) How to Make a Simple Model of a Fjord

11:15 Chuning Wang (Rutgers Univ.) Modeling Buoyancy Driven Circulation in an Idealized Fjord with ROMS

11:30 Soizic Garnier (Strathclyde) Optimal-detail Circulation Models for Fjords and sea Lochs: an Application to the Puget Sound

11:45 Jim O’Donnell (Univ. Conn.) Vernal Cooling in a Large Estuary

12:00 Kristen Thyng (Texas A&M Univ.) Freshwater Inflow to Galveston bay due to Hurricane Harvey

12:15 lunch

Lateral processes in estuaries

13:45 Wouter Kranenburg (WHOI) The Influence of High Curvature Bends on Flow and Salinity Structure in a Narrow, Intermittently Stratified Estuary

14:00 Olivia Hoang (UC Berkeley) Longitudinal Versus Lateral Estuarine Dynamics and Their Role in Tidal Stratification Patterns in Lower South san Francisco Bay

14:15 Tjerk Zitman (TU Delft) Role of Salinity Dynamics and Eddy Viscosity Profile in Lateral Estuarine Circulations and Suspended Sediment Distribution

14:30 Kristin Schulz (NIOZ) An Inversion of the Estuarine Circulation by Sluice Water Discharge and its Impact on Suspended Sediment Transport

14:45 Coffee + posters

Wind and other effects in estuaries

16:00 John Simpson (Bangor) The Annual Cycle of the Mechanical Energy Budget in a Temperate Lake

16:15 Xaver Lange (IOW) Wind-induced Exchange Flow Properties in Non-tidal Estuaries

16:30 Jeff Coogan (South Alabama) Observations of Stratification and Wind Mixing in a Microtidal Estuary, Mobile bay, AL.

16:45 Neil Ganju (USGS) Identifying Drivers of Vertical Mixing in a Karst Subterranean Estuary

18:00 Turbulence mixer at the Ocean Star Museum sponsored by

Rockland Scientific

Tuesday 16-Oct

Internal and coastal waves

8:30 Jim Lerczak (OSU) Energy Fluxes and Flux Divergences of Shoaling Internal Tides and High-Frequency Internal Waves in Shallow Water

8:45 Jack McSweeney (OSU) Propagation and Transformation of Non-linear Internal Tides across the Inner-Shelf

9:00 Yosuke Igeta (Japan Sea National Fisheries Research Institute) Propagating and scattering processes of near-inertial internal waves calculated by high resolution ocean model around Toyama Bay, Japan

9:15 Lixin Qu (TAMU ) Near-inertial waves at submesoscale coherent vortices in a buoyancy-driven flow

9:30 Yasha Hetzel (UWA) Forced and free coastally trapped waves along western and southern coasts of Australia

9:45 Coffee + posters

Nearshore processes and river plumes

11:00 Sarah Giddings (Scripps) CISDE Experiment: Nearshore-Estuarine Connectivity & Dispersion

11:15 Xiaodong Wu (Scripps) Long-distance alongshore transport and dilution of shoreline- and estuary released tracer


11:45 Alexander Yankovsky (South Carolina) Observations of a coastal buoyant plume formed by tidally-modulated estuarine outflow exposed to light upwelling-favorable wind

12:00 Zhiwei Zhang (East China Normal) Response of the Changjiang River plume under a typohoon event

12:15 lunch

River plumes and coastal currents

13:45 Robert Chant (Rutgers) The evolution of the vertical salinity variance in a river plume.

14:00 Piero Mazzini (SF State) Thermal Wind and Ageostrophic Shear of a river plume

14:15 Malcolm Scully (WHOI) Field Observations of Mixing at the Nose of a Buoyant Gravity Current

14:30 Hui Wu (East China Normal) Buoyant current in a tidal coastal ocean

14:45 Coffee + posters

River plumes

16:00 David Honegger (OSU) Multiscale remote sensing observations of ebb plume front evolution in a tidal cross-flow

16:15 Rocky Geyer (WHOI) Kinematics and mixing of a plume front in a cross-flow

16:30 Sam Kastner (UW) The influence of wind and wave forcing on spreading and mixing in the Fraser River plume

16:45 Sabrina Parra (NRL Stennis) Mobile Bay plume mixing in the inner shelf

17:00 Chari Pattiaratchi (UWA) Coastal ocean fronts as revealed by ocean gliders sediment transport

Wednesday 17-Oct

Sediment transport, part 1

8:30 Alex Horner-Devine (UW) Wave-supported gravity flows in unlikely places

8:45 Florent Grasso (IFREMER) Observations of sediment suspension induced by waves, tides and internal waves in a shallow continental shelf under estuarine influence

9:00 Jianfeng Tao (Hohai U) A new approach of combining satellite retrieval and numerical modeling to capture multi-timescale sediment dynamics in a macro-tidal embayment

9:15 Xianye Wang (East China Normal) Hydrodynamics, Sediment Processes and Morphological Changes in a Macro Tidal Creek


9:45 Coffee + posters

Sediment transport, part 2

11:00 Gail Kineke (BC) Sediment Transport on the Huanghe (Yellow River) Delta Front

11:15 Aldo Sottolichio (Bordeaux) Patterns of circulation and fine sediment dynamics in a tropical estuary under Amazon influence (Maroni Estuary, French Guyana)

11:30 Chris Sommerfield (Delaware) The radionuclide ratio 7Be/210Pbxs as a tracer of estuarine suspension dynamics

11:45 Tim Dellapenna (TAMU-G) How Much Sediment Was Delivered to Galveston Bay from Hurricane Harvey, where did it come from and how contaminated was it?

Lunch on your own

13:45 Excursions

We are planning a boat trip in Galveston Bay, in three separate groups that will be free for attendees. We will help to organize other activities as requested.

Thursday 18-Oct

Sediment transport, part 3

8:30 Megan Williams (NOC Liverpool) Estuarine sediment transport by lateral circulation

8:45 Hesham Elmilady (IHE-Delft) The impact of salinity driven processes on the sediment dynamics in the Northern San Francisco Bay


9:15 Leiping Ye (Delaware) Laboratory Investigation of Settling Dynamics of Oil-Mineral-Microbia Interaction

9:30 Julia Moriarty (USGS) Effect of Vegetation and Hydrodynamics on Estuarine-Marsh Sediment Fluxes: Implications for Marsh Stability

9:45 Coffee + posters


11:00 Mick van der Wegen (IHE-Delft) Modeling mudflat morphodynamics under sea level rise

11:15 Elisabeth Schulz (IOW) Impact of baroclinity on sediment transport and morphodynamics in a tidal basin

11:30 Robert Hagen (BAW) Impact of small bathymetric changes to large-scale hydrodynamics: A case study for the German Bight (North Sea)

11:45 Geert Campmans (Twente) Modeling tidal sand wave recovery after dredging

12:15 lunch

Tidal dynamics

13:45 Ton Hoitink (Wageningen) Effects of a sloping bed and mean surface level variation on the upriver propagation of tides

14:00 Huayang Cai (Sun Yat-sen U) Analytical description of seasonal behavior of tide-river interaction and resulting residual water level profile in the Yangtze River estuary

14:15 Pascal Matte (Environment and Climate Change Canada) A multiple-gauge rating curve approach for the estimation of tidal discharges in estuaries

14:30 Abdel Nnafie (Utrecht) Impact of sea level rise on estuarine morphodynamics: The role of increasing tidal amplitudes

14:45 Coffee + posters

Anthropogenic influences

16:00 Stefan Talke (Portland State) The influence of channel deepening on high water marks: case study of hurricane

16:15 Shadananan Nair (Centre for Earth Research and Environment Management, India) Impact of climate change and anthropogenic pressure on the environment of a tropical estuary in I

16:30 Zhilong Liu (U Maine) Analytical Investigation of Aquaculture Farm Impacts on Estuarine Tidal and Subtidal

16:45 Fernando Pareja (Rutgers) Shifts in tidal and salt dynamics in Delaware Bay after a century of dred

18:00 Conference dinner at the Tremont

Friday 19-Oct

Oxygen and nutrients

8:30 Michael Whitney (UConn) River influences on Nitrogen and Organic Carbon Fluxes in Long Island Sound


9:00 Heng Zhang (Sun Yat-sen U) Controls on the interannual variability of hypoxia in a subtropical embayment and its adjacent waters in the Guangdong coastal upwelling system, northern South China Sea

9:15 Brian Dzwonkowski (South Alabama) Tracking sea surface salinity and oxygen in the Mississippi Bight: Is the system primed for hypoxia?

9:30 Veronica Ruiz (TAMU) Using a budget analysis to understand variability in the bottom hypoxia of the Texas Louisiana shelf

9:45 Coffee

Estuarine stratification, mixing

11:00 John Warner (USGS) Salinity Variance and Mixing in the Hudson River Estuary

11:15 Bryce Corlett (WHOI) Fronts significantly influence the exchange flow of an estuarine network

11:30 Madeleine Harvey (Scripps) High Resolution Observations of the Dynamics of Low-Inflow, Bar Built Estuaries

Close of conference